Where Finesse is Friendly

Longmont Public House stands for quality food made from freshly sourced ingredients and passion for the art. It stands for a wholesome dining experience where you are handed a thoughtful wine list and the option for specialty cocktails. At the same time, it stands for the comfort of feeling at home, having food with your loved ones. In order to combine fine dining and the comfort of food, Longmont Public House was established to create a balance of the best things about dining out.

You may have had a craving for fine dining – the exquisite attention to detail, the top-notch quality of the ingredients, the wide variety of food available – but you may dread the stiffness that inevitably comes with it. Fine dining is often engrossed within formalities that you must fulfill. Quite simply put, in a fine dining restaurant, the air is different. Sometimes, it is a welcome respite where you get to break out your aristocratic charm at the dinner table, sometimes it is just a nuisance that gets in the way of a good meal. On the other hand, a meal at a comfortable diner may not cut it in terms of quality and flavor, but a warm, loving environment makes it worthwhile to make the sacrifice.

At Longmont Public House, we bring the best of the two dining experiences together and give you the high-end menu of a fine dining experience with the casual and low-key air of a comfortable restaurant that you visit with your loved ones. At Longmont Public House, you do not have to choose between comfort and finesse, you just have to make yourself at home and indulge yourself in our meals cooked with equal parts love and skill – the balance of flavors and experiences.