The Best of Both Worlds

Longmont Public House is a lot like ancient rest houses that would open their doors to weary travelers. Those rest houses were safe havens for those trying to find respite from the exhaustion of the outside world. The innkeepers would not care for the name or fame of anyone who dined there, only that they went back on their way feeling better than when they came in.

When you enter the Longmont Public House, you leave formalities at the door. You are here for a good time – with good food, good company, and a good ambience. You want to indulge yourself without any strings attached. We bring you the comfort of home, if home meant having expert culinary staff in the kitchen. We carefully craft our menus to cater to all sorts of tastes and cuisines, combining foods from all over the spectrum. We prepare them with the exact amount of care and attention to detail. We source fresh ingredients for all our meals. We also, on the other hand, make sure that you do not feel like you have to maintain a sort of character while eating with us. Just because the cuisine is fine dining, does not mean you have to adopt the norms of a culture associated with fine dining. Come as you are, we believe that food does not discriminate or rank cultures.

What is better than a restaurant is a restaurant that was established because of devotion to the art. Restaurants are centers that are entirely devoted to just rejuvenation through dining and indulging in an environment designed to help you unwind. Restaurants are centers of refreshing tired, weary travelers of life. We ensure that while you are drowning out the predicaments of the outside world with self-care and indulgence, you feel warm, loved, and at home.