Longmont Public House

About Us

Longmont Public House is a family owned and operated restaurant with Jerome Brown at the helm as Executive Chef. Jerome grew up in Longmont and his wife Kirstin, and their son Brody moved back to Longmont in the summer of 2016 from Bellevue, WA. Jerome and Kirsten are living in and raising Brody in the same house where Jerome and his sister grew up. Even while traveling and living around the country and the world, Longmont has always had Jerome’s heart and been his family’s home.

For the past 20+ years, Jerome has fostered his love for cooking while honing his craft through many diverse experiences across the country. He has had the pleasure of learning under some great Chefs and amazing crews. Jerome has always looked at the opportunity to grow, learn and develop and it has always served him well. He is grateful for his experiences of running a variety kitchens and learning how to employ, educate, and foster the best from his staff for the benefit of the guests who bless us as patrons of our restaurants.

Our mission is to run a community friendly American Pub and gathering place with a focus on comfortable, familiar and high quality food accompanied by delicious beverages. Longmont Public House also offers special and private events for the enjoyment of our guests. LPH boasts a dining room, a bar with plenty of TVs to watch sports, and our patio, facing all the excitement happening on the Longmont Football Field.